Nothing More to Say (CD)


My EP is finally out!

I poured my heart and soul and lots of money and energy into this record. All songs were written in the last 5 years since moving to Liverpool and in 2022, I went to The Cabin studio to work on them with my favourite producer – Alec Brits. Paul Linke mastered the tracks, Marieke Macklon took the pictures and Leif Niemczik designed everything for the physical product!


  1. Bedroom Eyes
  2. You Had Me at Goodbye
  3. Run Towards the Edge
  4. Look Down on Me
  5. Walk to West Berlin
  6. Don’t Want to Want You

Bonus Track: One Thing

I’m a one-woman show, so I’ll try and post it to you as soon as possible. 🙂 Shipping is included in the price!

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